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The aim of Revolver Ribs is to put the tastiest, bangin’, and unique flavor profiles in your mouth. The idea came from two chefs working side by side, in the same kitchen, with different concepts. One is versed in all things bougie and ever-changing, and the other rooted in traditions and cultural exploration.

The cumulation of all things 2020 has brought this back-burner idea to the forefront of the current dining tapestry. Now’s the perfect time to load your chamber with a new way to savor ribs. These babies have all the fire without the smoke.

Award-winning chef Janene Holig, who brought you Hot Indian (and all the hoopla that went with it), is back in the kitchen, bringing family traditions, guilty pleasures, and cultural collisions to the humble hog. This rib joint is like none other. Believe us, we looked. One that uses decades of experience and travel to import exciting flavors to these baby backs. Think of it like Willy Wonka’s factory, and we’re Wonka making flavor memories come to life one rib at a time.

What to expect? Simply speaking, revolving rib flavors. We want to have fun and connect with our customers while making crave-worthy ribs. We want to interact and hear which flavors or food memories you want to taste. We want to create ribs that comfort you with tradition and bend your mind while asking, “where have you been all my life?”. Buckle up because the list is long and knows no bounds! Check back often for an ever-changing menu

Local Partnerships

Revolver strives to use local vendors when it makes sense. We plan to partner with local independent restaurants/breweries/grocers to support them and help us build truly unique flavors. Click on our partners to see how you can support them directly. 

Sara's Tipsy Pies: Our hand pie experts

Able Seedhouse & Brewery: A fav sipper and used in beer cheese